Don’t get panic if your videos are not getting much appreciation as per your expectation. We understand how demotivating it is; despite struggling hard, you couldn’t make it. This blog article is here to help you out to overcome your frustration and learn the functioning of the Algorithm.

You must understand the TikTok algorithm if you want to make your videos get viral. If you provide the same TikTok Algorithm require from you, then definitely, the views you get, would be more in number.

So before we jump into the nitty-gritty of it, let’s understand the major factors on which it depends.

Factors that contribute to Ranked in “For You” Video Suggestion

Several speculations and rumors were revolving before TikTok itself lifted the veil. Usually, we consider that it was exciting, location by which videos show into your For You video suggestion. But that’s not the case. Through in-depth research, we’ve enlisted the following of these factors on which it largely depends.

Recommended videos are much likely to grab the attention of more eyeballs. Since your content will be exposed to the viewers who aren’t part of your following yet. Your following could be increased if they get impressed by your content. Funny, entertaining videos are the ones that the audience wants to see. Providing them the exciting content will result in the increased following count.


User interactions: Based on videos you liked, shared, and posted the comments.

Video information: Details of video such as captions, location tags, and sounds.

Device and account settings:  Your preferred country, language, and device type.

How Does Algorithm work?

Actually, similar to other social platforms, TikTok also consists of learning machines that evaluate the quality of a video. At the very first, when you posted any video, it displays to the fewer number of people. Afterward, depending upon your performance, in that case, your videos would be rank. In simple words, in that particular time span and between fewer audiences, TikTok analyzed the activity of your content. For instance, how many views it has got, the number of likes per 10views, and comments. If your content is working quite well, then it would trigger the Instagram algorithm. Afterward, your video would be reached even more people.

TikTok Algorithm, in particular, prefers the velocity of engagement at your content. The velocity of your content would be well enough if it gets one like per 10 views. It will show that people are really enjoying your content and it must be reached to broad-audience. In this way, your video will show in for your video suggestion to even more people.

Which type of Content is Favorable in Terms Algorithm?

In an actual fact, Algorithm has nothing to do with your quality of content. But it is the viewers who give preference to watch exciting content. Since, if you manage to bring the engaging audience on your content, then it will provide an indication to the TikTok learning machine. Certainly, in that way, the Algorithm would be triggered. And the further case has been described earlier in this article.

Being the struggling TikTokers, you must hear about making quality content. But there are very few forums; where you can get the right assistance. Let’s understand what sort of content you need to deliver? For better comprehension, put yourself at the place of a viewer. Then, you can realize the flaws in your content. No matter it is the video quality, content script, choice of sound, or anything.  Usually, innovative, humor, or mind-boggling content is more likely to stop the thumbs while scrolling.

Wrapping It Up:

In this article, you have learned how Algorithm actually works and its significant factors. We’ve also discussed which type of content, the viewer wants to see and how to create it. Instagram has become one of the most Downloaded apps in recent years. It is the craziness and exciting content that is making it your favorite app. A number of people climbed up at the ladder of fame, just by using this powerful platform. Unlike other social stations, you have a better probability of becoming famous here at TikTok.

So all you need is to keep on posting content people are looking for. Your TikTok success is certain, once if it became able to hit the Algorithm.