There are several proven & effective ways of getting real Instagram followers. The most common way these days the people are utilizing to get real followers is buy Instagram followers. This approach of getting followers is being utilized by almost every company, celebrity, artists, musician etc on this platform. If you are looking for a reliable source to buy real Instagram followers, Buy Instagram followers is the right option. However, this approach let you invest a small amount of money meanwhile to get the followers. But, this small investment pays off with time.

On the other hand, if you are looking for absolutely free ways to get real Instagram followers, hashtags, well-prepared photos & posting on right time can help you. These are the top ways which are known to get you the organic following within a short time period.

# Hashtags

One of the most effective & proven free ways to get real followers is hashtags. There are a number of hashtags that can works amazingly for you. But, utilizing hashtags that relate to your content you are going to post is necessary. It assures that the right people get attracted to your content. Make a list of relevant hashtags once & utilize them again & again every time you post something. It will increase your chances of getting more real followers within a short time. But, don’t overload your posts with hashtags so that it looks silly. Generally, adding around five hashtags looks sensible.

You can also make your own unique & creative hashtag. It will make you stand out amongst your competitors & soon people will start knowing you with your associated hashtag.

# High-quality content

Posting random photos stolen from various places on Instagram doesn’t make sense. It won’t get you the followers as people are always seen looking for something unique & interesting. Prepare your posts well & invest time to make them unique. Be very serious about the quality of content you are going to post on your account, no matter it’s a video or a picture. Uniqueness & clarity is the key while posting content on Instagram, which will get you more followers. Adding eye-catching effects to your posts make sense in this scenario. It is going to attract followers like a magnet.

# Posting on right time

Lots of people these days don’t understand that publishing content on the appropriate time is essential. It gets you the followers if you choose the right time to post. On the other hand, if you don’t, it will go unnoticed & all of your efforts will be wasted. How you will get to know the most suitable time to post? Definitely, it’s not the same for everywhere. All you can do is keep posting all day at the start & observe the time when most of your audiences are active to respond. Then make a schedule of posting at that time & stick to it.  


If you need the most amazing results, you can combine both the given approaches. How? You can buy Instagram followers from a reliable source like the one given above. Plus, follow the given guidelines to increase the number of followers organically as well.