How to Grow on Twitter: 12 Ways to Increase your Twitter Followers

Are you new on Twitter? Want to gain a vast Twitter following? Continue reading this article to find out how to grow your Twitter account.

Twitter is included in the top social media networks, with over 330 million monthly active users. Various brands, businesses, and marketers have realized the importance of Twitter for expanding their reach. Content creators and influencers are also interested in this platform to grow their audience. Even politicians, journalists, and celebrities use this social media network to tweet the latest updates. 

Twitter encourages conversations among people. It will allow you to interact with your audience and potential customers. Whether it’s your product launch, upcoming discount offers, any event, or interviews, Twitter is a fantastic platform for promotions.

Every social media platform requires a massive following for it to be beneficial. But it will help if you use some strategies to grow. In this article, you will find out what strategies you need to use and how to grow your Twitter followers.

1.   Tweet everyday

Try to be consistent and tweet every day. Unlike other social media platforms, you need to post more than once on twitter. Your posting frequency should be between three to seven posts/tweets per day. Give your audience a lot of stuff to look up to. The more you post, the higher your chances are to increase your followers fast.

2.   Tweet engaging stuff

Curate great content and attract more people. Make sure to share high-quality and engaging content on your Twitter feed. Tweet and write about what’s trending. Think of funny, ironic, and incredible stuff. Provide value to your audience and post stuff that people are more likely to re-tweet. You can also re-tweet exciting stuff that you see while scrolling.

3.   Write interesting info in your bio

Your bio should be the center of attraction whenever someone visits your profile. Write exciting stuff about yourself in your bio, and give brief info about what you do. Make sure to write a not too detailed bio that people don’t read. Write an appealing bio that forces people to find more about you.

4.   Profile optimization

Do you know that you can optimize your Twitter profile and gain more followers? Write brief info about yourself or your business in your bio. Use specific keywords that people usually type in the search bar. Clearly mention about your brand or business. By doing so, your chances to show up in the Twitter search result will be higher. Besides that, adding a location to your profile will help you attract targeted audience and gain potential customers. 

5.   Use eye-catchy profile pictures and cover photo

Whether you upload something or comment under someone else’s post, your profile picture is displayed everywhere. Therefore, using eye-catchy profile pictures will make people want to click it. It will help you gain more followers. Besides that, use a clean and appealing cover photo. This way, you will be able to attract the most attention.

6.   Utilize hashtags

Like other social media networks, hashtags play a vital role on Twitter too. Hashtags are essential for expanding your reach and increasing your followers. Use trending and relevant hashtags in your niche. Check out the famous hashtags by searching them up in the search bar. Try to use a maximum of three hashtags per tweet. Otherwise, it may look like spam.

7.   Run a contest

Who wouldn’t want free stuff? You will draw the attention of more people when you run a contest or host a giveaway. It will need some investment in buying the prize. But, this method has proven to provide you with a large number of followers. All you need to do is to set rules in the giveaway. In those rules, you will tell people to follow you and like your posts. Isn’t it a super easy method?

8.  Start a conversation

Have you ever started conversations to allow more people to know you? This method of gaining visibility is only available on Twitter. Tweet about an event related to your business, and get more people involved by posting something interesting. Ask questions, do Twitter polls, and re-tweet other people’s stuff. Quote-tweets can also be a great way to reach more people. It is basically a re-tweet with a reply. Participate in Twitter chats and engage with more people to maximize your growth.

9.   Repost your Tweets on other social media networks

If you have a fair amount of followers on your other social media networks, then do cross-promotions. Take a screenshot and repost your tweets on your other social media accounts. Add a link to your Twitter account and ask people to follow you. Repost an awesome tweet to direct your audience towards your Twitter. Also, you can embed your twitter profile on blogs or websites if you have one.

10.  Social engagement

Find and follow your industry leaders to learn from them. Interacting with them will help you get visible. Find people in your niche or people with the same interests and follow them. When you interact with people, they are more likely to engage in your posts too. When you re-tweet their content, they will do the same. That way, you will be able to reach higher audiences.

11.  Collaborate

If you are a brand or business, then collaborating will be very beneficial for you. You can collaborate with famous influencers or other businesses to grow. If you are not a brand, then you can do exciting and unique collaborations to grab more recognition.

12. Paid options

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